Oct. 15, 2010: Tolerance, unity can provide a path to peace, by Christina Fabarez

October 15, 2010 by

Today we live in what is often described as a dog-eat-dog world. Monetary gain, social status and material superiority are emphasized as the way to find happiness. However, our culture would ultimately benefit if unity was accentuated and applied. Unity promotes world peace, cooperation and comfort.

The word “unity” is defined as “a combining of all parts to reach the state of being one.”

Without unity, no civilization, religion, club, or athletic team will succeed or survive. Cooperative effort is necessary. Each part functions with a specific job.

Think in terms of a successful volleyball team: The back row must pass the ball to one spot, so the setter can perform her job, and the hitter must be ready to hit effectively. If the pass is off, the setter must scramble to reach the ball, and that in turn upsets the positioning of the front row attacker. Those three players must do their specific jobs and at the same time communicate to achieve harmony and to score a point.

We as Americans can do the same thing, by leading by example and being the first to draw together for the betterment of human kind. Consensus will initiate worldwide change.

Family and close friends are supportive. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because of unity. You are comfortable around them because you love them, are loyal to them and are understanding of them. If they make a mistake, you forgive them.

Why not treat everyone like that? It would become second nature to make peace with those who mess up or make bad decisions.

If secondary schools would stress the importance of intercommunication and continue this throughout high school, the idea of oneness and tolerance would bubble up through those generations. Short-term solutions would become apparent to young people, and small conflicts throughout high school and college could be avoided. Love, instead of hatred would be administrated. In the long run, conflicts between racial groups could be eased and overcome. Also, clashes between states or countries due to miscommunications or misunderstandings could be circumvented, dissipating skirmishes or even wars.

Calling for world peace may sound like a cliché, but it’s obtainable. The way to peace is changing our views to include tolerance and unity.

In the word “unity” there is one i. If you take the i out, you are left with un ty — untie. Unity cannot begin unless you are in it and society will “untie” without it.

Isn’t it nice to think that something you do might positively influence future generations? But nothing you do now will persevere without unity. When you die, will what you accomplished be reflected positively? That is a question we all should consider.

— Christina Fabarez is the daughter of David and Carol Fabarez. She is a senior at Concordia High School and is vice president of the Friends of Rachel.


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