Oct. 17, 2014: Students need community to cheer them on, by Allison Poore

Allison Poore
Allison Poore

Education these days is very important in the outcome of a student’s future. In order for students to excel, we as a community must be willing to assist them in any way we can, whether it’s academics or extracurricular activities. Support from family, peers, teachers and the community can easily make a difference in students’ attitudes toward learning or a sport they are playing.

As someone who plays sports for Concordia Junior High and multiple club teams, I know that having a crowd to cheer you on can make a difference in the result of a game. Encouragement from the students and the community is much appreciated by every player on the court or field. Cheering on your local teams can change the mood and get players excited to compete.

I encourage people from this community to come out and show their Concordia colors on game days because it really makes a difference.

But that does not just pertain to sporting events. By attending school plays and concerts, you let students know that you care about their success.

We all know that money in schools is an issue. There are many ways that you can help aid schools to earn more money. For example, collecting box tops and sending them to the elementary or middle schools can give these teachers money to buy more supplies to help children learn. When given new challenges, young children may become more eager to learn, and they can be equally rewarded from their new findings.

Fundraising for school activities is also done outside the school. Even if you buy something little, that money still helps the school to give students more for learning.

Becoming a booster club member can also help out the school. The CHS Booster Clubs raises money at most sporting events by selling Panther apparel and cooking food for high school events. The money club members raise can go toward any high school event or club that needs it.

By supporting our schools citizens can improve the learning environment for the students of Concordia public schools. By educating the young people of this town, we can better the community and people in it.


— Allison Poore is an eighth-grader at Concordia Junior High School. She is the daughter of Justin and Kathy Poore. 

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