Oct. 18, 2013: Small acts of generosity can have a big impact, by Jessica Williams

October 18, 2013 by

web-JessicaWilliamsA small act of generosity can make a huge difference in a person’s life. Being generous can mean many different things. Examples of generosity, from my point of view, would include anything from holding the door for someone to taking a trip to help clean up a natural disaster somewhere across the world.

I have done a lot of things with our school, such as visiting Marquis Place in town, raking lawns and many other activities, many having to do with the Friends of Rachel club. You are probably wondering what the Friends of Rachel club is now. We put together small gifts for families and students who have had a tragedy happen, or just seem like they are upset. We also put together other activities to help out around the community.

Participating in a team is also very encouraging and I appreciate the generosity put into it. I believe having teammates to pick you up when you’re down are extremely important. I enjoy talking to all of the girls.

One week this season we did a “secret sister” activity, where you do something for your “secret sister” each day of the week while she does not know it’s you. These are small acts of generosity that didn’t take more than a simple note to make your “secret sister’s” day. This was an activity that I really enjoyed and my days were made by my “secret sister.” It was a great idea, and people should not need to have a secret sister in order to do generous things for other people.

There are so many little acts of generosity that you can perform to make anyone’s day. I try each and every day to be that one person who makes one (or more) people’s day.

— Jessica Williams is the daughter of Francis and Carrie Williams.  She is an eighth grader at Concordia Junior High School.


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