Oct. 21, 2011: Start early to practice being a good citizen, by Kayla Dvorak

October 21, 2011 by

People can start being good citizens at a young age. You should always do the right thing, and that’s the rule from the beginning. Preschoolers always have to share their toys and treat everyone well.

As you get older you still have to do the right thing and help everyone, neighbor and stranger. Being a good citizen can start by doing something simple like offering to help someone, or getting involved in your community. Then, life in the community can be more pleasant for all the people living there.

It is the same for students in school. Get involved in as many activities as possible so you can help out. Do useful things with your free time.

Respecting the people around you is important. If you don’t, then why should they respect you and do things for you? They probably won’t.  A way to show you are considerate of your surroundings and everyone in them is to obey all the laws. Laws are there for a reason and not following them is a definite sign of disrespect toward your community.

A way to show appreciation for your community and the people who live here is to be reliable. Let your neighbors know they can depend on you. That is what neighbors are for.  Support your community in its times of need.

Being a good citizen really pays off!


— Kayla Dvorak is an eighth-grader at Concordia Junior High School.  She is the daughter of Heath Dvorak and Sharon Klima.


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