Oct. 28, 2016: Family & college make life great for this sophomore, by Jordyn Rumsey

October 28, 2016 by

Jordyn Rumsey

Jordyn Rumsey

Life is great!

It is great having a family that supports everything I do. It doesn’t matter what decisions I make in my life, my family is always there to support me. Even if they don’t agree with what I am doing, they always give me positive words of advice.

It is great being with the best fiancé and dad, my daughter and I could ask for. My fiancé and I have been together for over three years now and our relationship just continues to grow better and we are happier than ever.

Having the most amazing daughter in the world has helped us out tremendously. It is great being a mom. My nine-and-a-half month old is now walking and saying “mama,” “dada” and “nana.” She is the most energetic little nine-month-old I have ever seen.

It is great being in school at Cloud County Community College. I can continue to go to school and get my education, while working and taking care of my little family I have back home. Cloud County community college is great at working with me on that. I love it here I could not ask for anything in my life to be any different, in any way possible.

I have the best family, few friends and the best teachers in the world.

Life is just great all the way around.

— Jordyn Rumsey is a sophomore in the music program at Cloud County Community College.



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