Oct. 29, 2010: You don’t want to leave out the best person available, by Shea Crum

October 29, 2010 by

When I think of promoting unity, I think of family. To promote unity, you need to include everyone around you. Then everyone feels included and feels like they are of some importance to the group.

When people aren’t included, they could feel feeling lonely and left out. Then those people could start to feel angry and that could lead to bad decisions such as fighting and putting each other down. When people experience these feelings, they feel worthless and that their lives have no meaning. Also, people can bottle up those bad feelings and make bad decisions like hurting themselves or by taking their anger out on others. An example of this is the 1999 Columbine school shooting.

When people on a team feel left out and start arguing, it affects them and the rest of the team — almost always in a negative way.  When this happens during practice, it can have a drastic affect.  Then when the team starts to play in games, the competiveness can make bad feelings show their ugly head. The team members should be playing together, but because they have fought so much they look at the person next to them as an adversary instead of as a teammate who can do the job. As a result the team loses games.

A way we can include everyone is by asking for everyone’s input about the situation, and then by not putting each other down and by helping each other up when we make mistakes.

Another reason you should include everyone is because maybe that person that you left out may have had the best idea or skill on the group or team. Without giving that person a chance, you’ll never know what he or she is capable of. Everyone deserves a chance.

Shea Crum is an eighth-grader at Concordia Junior High School and is the son of Shelbi Hamel.


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