Oct. 9, 2009: Practicing kindness makes a difference every day, by Colleta Songol

Kindness is such an important behavior.

In my native Kenya, life is often more difficult than it is here in the United States and people are not as eager to practice kindness. We would all be much better off if we practice more kindness.

When I started at Cloud County Community College, I was scared that I would be treated differently because of my ethnicity. My fears were unfounded. The students treat me as one of them and the teachers are very kind. People are so welcoming and willing to be of help when I need it. That has made me want to give back as much as I can.

The kindness of others has been a gracious gift to me and I want to pass it on.

Forgiveness is also a part of being kind. It fosters good relationships. On the cross-country team we must forgive one another because we are a team. As a team we are there to be united and to support one another. We cannot do that if one of us holds on to being angry with another. If we did not forgive, the team spirit would be lost. The feeling of being on a team and belonging to something bigger than me is important.

Saying “I’m sorry” and “thank you” are key factors in kindness. They are something that we can all do. I know form my own experience that being treated kindly can lift my spirits and make a difference in my day.

— Colleta Songol is a freshman at Cloud County Community College. A native of Kenya, she is on the cross-country team and plans to go into nursing.

One thought on “Oct. 9, 2009: Practicing kindness makes a difference every day, by Colleta Songol

  • February 17, 2010 at 2:30 am

    but collete you are not kind enough remember what you did way back home to those who assisted you

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