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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

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One man’s testimonial

Do you wonder about the impact Hands Across Our Community has on the families that take part? Then read this short speech (completely unedited) given by one man at the conclusion of his family’s 13-week class in early October.

What my family got out of these meetings

 For starters I would like to thank each and every one of the volunteers who made these many weeks possible. To everyone that works in the kitchen I want to thank you for the vast variety of food that met our plates and filled our stomachs. I say Thank you.

I want to thank Neighbor to Neighbor for allowing all of us to gather here on the many special Mondays. Thank you for providing an area where my family could learn and grow from this experience.

I want to thank Hands Across for allowing my family to attend these meetings for the second time and teaching us how to budget, how to read to our son and watch him as he grows. I appreciate that experience on one special occasion where I learned that my son’s brain is 80% developed by the age of 3.

Another thing my family learned is how to stay devoted to doing something with one another. I know that from these meetings I have become a better father and a better husband.

I really enjoyed myself (can’t speak for my wife) but when we learned about personalities and how each one of us is unique and special.

Overall I appreciate the time and effort made by each speaker. These are just the ones that stood out to me and my family.

I know that as this program grows and many more families have a chance to experience what we have that they will benefit from all of the time and effort to better our community.

Thank you and may GOD always shine across the hearts and minds of every individual touched by such wonderful people.

Thank you!

To learn more about Hands Across and how you can get involved, CLICK HERE.

4 thoughts on “One man’s testimonial

  • Christina Brodie

    One Man’s Testimonial is a tribute to ALL the volunteers that put The Hands Across Our Community program together especially, our coaches.. who through perseverance, dedication, encouragement and support walk with their families on this journey. We are at the beginning of a journey that with long term support, our families will continue to flourish… one baby step at a time….
    With deep gratitude to ALL in the Concordia Community that are supporting the program!

  • Jean Befort

    Christina, you have had a tremendous influence on “this Dad”….as well as his wife who comes to Neighbor to Neighbor occasionally. Having been at many of the sessions this second time around is proving to be the best thing for our many friends who struggle. How much these folks of the past 13 weeks expressed gratitude is truly inspiring! Bless you and all our dear neighbors!

  • Marcia Allen

    Congratulations to the man whose testimonial is above. I am inspired and deeply grateful to the persons who have facilitated the opportunity for his family and many others – especial thanks to Christina Brodie – the engineer of it all!

  • Loretta A. Jasper

    We all need a village to support and assist us in our day-to-day living and interactions.
    Thanks, God, and for every single person who has a hand and heart in Hands Across…for sharing in and participating in the village.

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