Sept. 16, 2011: Finding peace in simple joys, by Cheryl Lyn Higgins

Peace is hard to find these days, be it within ourselves or with others.  The economic and political landscape is in constant flux, and national and international finger-pointing seem to be the model of leadership — even though that model is both disconcerting and unproductive.

I am not an authority on either personal peace or world peace, or any subject for that matter.  But since childhood, I have generally found peace and comfort in two places — my church and my home.

I find peace in God’s house.  I find peace in the rituals of the service.  I also find peace when I sit alone in his house and talk with God.  I try to attend church regularly, but find myself being far more devoted when matters in my life are out of sync or I am troubled.

I find peace sharing time with my children and my grandson.  My son and I spend countless hours on the deck talking about anything and everything — laughing, arguing and dreaming.

The conversation always takes on new and interesting turns when my daughter joins us. She views things so much differently than my son and I.

My grandson serves as conversation bookends. He cuddles and shares his planned adventures at the start of each day and then cuddles again as he recounts his exploits before crawling into bed each night.

It is the walk to the church and the road home that helps me find inner peace and comfort.  My church and my home are the essence of what matters to me.  They give me strength to endure the disquieting aspects of life. They give me peace.


— Cheryl Lyn Higgins is coordinator for Neighborhood Initiatives Inc., an office of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia.

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