Sept. 2, 2016: Cloud County Fair Board thanks community for a great 2016 fair, by Danny McReynolds

September 2, 2016 by

Danny McReynolds

Danny McReynolds

The Cloud County Fair Board would like to thank the citizens of Cloud County for your support of the Cloud County Fair.

The Fair Board consists of six volunteer members who represent different regions of the county. Members can serve an unlimited number of three-year terms. Members are considered by the board for approval and then presented to the County Commissioners for appointment. Serving with me on the current board are Charlotte Anderson, Katie Revell-Lehman, Katie Reedy, Aaron Hake and Mike Kindel.

It takes the entire community to put on the fair. This is one week during July when the county comes together, makes new friends, sees old friends and shares what they enjoy doing.

There are many elements that make the fair a success. That includes the exhibitors who bring all kinds of projects ranging from foods, photography, quilting to the different livestock projects.

The 4-H/FFA members work hard throughout the entire year so that they can compete for prizes and ribbons. For the 2016 Cloud County Fair, these members brought a total of 1,035 entries with 373 exhibits receiving either a Grand Champion, Reserve Champion or purple ribbon. Depending on the member’s age, the exhibit will represent our county at the upcoming Kansas State Fair.

Open Class exhibitors brought in 395 exhibits this year. These consisted of 151 youth entries and 244 adult entries. Off all these entries, we are proud to say that more than half received purple and blue ribbons.

We want to send a big thank you to all the exhibitors, families, superintendents, KSU extension agents and staff and judges for their hard work and dedication to bring their exhibits to the fair.

Another element that we want to make sure to thank are the Day Sponsors, Event Sponsors, Free Stage Entertainment sponsors, Rodeo and Race organizers and the FFA group. Without these people and organizations, we would not be able to provide the activities and entertainment each day. We hope that you enjoyed music at the free stage, came to the rodeo or watched the races.

Commercial exhibitors play an important role at the fair regardless of where they are located. They all matter, whether they have a product to sell, information or a service to provide or give us a chance to eat the food that we only get “at the fair.” Thank you commercial and food venders and a big thank you to the community for supporting these people.

As the fair comes to the end, the 4-H/FFA market livestock exhibitors have an opportunity to sell their animals in the Livestock Premium Auction. We want to thank the auction buyers for their donations to these kids. Those of you who have participated in a livestock project know the hard work and dedication that these members have committed to this project, beginning with selection of their animal, preparing and caring for their animals at home and during the fair. Your support helps them to continue these projects. You are investing in the youth in our community, helping them to become responsible, productive, confident adults who could become the future business leaders in Cloud County.

Some of you, no matter your age, come to the fair to enjoy the carnival rides. We have had Great Plains Amusements provide the carnival rides and games for the last several years and plan on returning next year.

We want to thank the County Commissioners for providing the fair with Wind Farm Grant funds. This money was used to provide the community with pre-fair discounted carnival armbands. The armbands were reduced by an additional $5, thus giving the carnival riders a break in the price. A total of 672 discounted armbands were sold this year.

Looking toward next year, the fair board is always seeking new performers for the entertainment stage, whether it be local or area talent or the up and coming talent from Nashville. The board will start now planning and looking for next year’s entertainment lineup.

Lastly, we want to thank all the behind-the-scenes people, parents, grandparents, community groups and organizations, many of whom we may not be aware of, but who see a need and provide the helping hand when needed.

The Cloud County Fair Board says thank you for jobs well done.

See you next year at the fair!

— Danny McReynolds, a 36-year Concordia resident and employee of Cloud County Health Center, has been a 4-H volunteer leader for 29 years and has served more than 20 years as a member of the Cloud County Fair Board.  


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