Sept. 21, 2012: Don’t be afraid to meet new people, by Jennifer Garcia and Hadley Tyfault

September 21, 2012 by

Jennifer Garcia, left, and Hadley Tyfault

Meeting new people can be the worst of times and the best of times. Introducing yourself is difficult, but it can become easy with practice. Don’t be afraid to try being around other people. Trust us, they rarely, if ever, bite!

You can meet new people in all different places. Some of the places you might see new faces are in school activities, sports, clubs, classes and much more. For instance, if you are trying out for a sport, there are plenty of people to interact with. If you see that there is a new kid at school, make sure to show him or her around and make an effort to be polite and friendly.

For older adults, it could be difficult to communicate with others you’re not familiar with. Whether or not you are working at a job that involves people, make sure to put yourself out there and try to interact with different people instead of your main group of friends all the time.

Seeing an unfamiliar face can be scary at times but take the first step and start a conversation. Finding peers who are similar and enjoy the same hobbies as you is the easiest method of beginning a friendship.

Remember, the best gift you can give someone is friendship.

— Jennifer Garcia and Hadley Tyfault are eighth-graders at Concordia Junior High School. Jennifer is the daughter of Ramiro and Naomi Garcia, and Hadley is the daughter of Scott and Landee Thyfault. 






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