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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church

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Sister Carolyn Juenemann

Celebrating 60 Years

PARENTS: Fred and Rose (Kaus) Juenemann
HOMETOWN: Selden, Kansas
EDUCATION: Marymount College of Salina –
B.S in Business Administration and Economics
MISSIONS: 1967-1973 – St. John’s Hospital, Salina, Business Manager & Office Manager
1973-1975 – Marymount college, Salina, Director of Alumni Relations
1975- 1977 – Fort Hays College, Hays, Campus Minister
1977-1979 – St. Joseph Hospital, Concordia, Office Manager, Assistant Controller
1979-1984 – Parishes of Belleville, Munden and Cuba, Pastoral Associate

1984-1985 – Sacred Heart Cathedral, Salina,Jr. High Liturgy Coordinator
1985-1989 – Parish of Goodland and Diocesan Renew Team, Pastoral Associate/Renew Team Member
1989-1990 – Religious Education Coordinator at Ft. Riley, Acting Director of Charities,

Office Assistant at St. Isidore’s
1990-2001 – St. Michael’s Parish, Chapman, Pastoral Administrator
2002-2007 – Morris Hill Chapel, Fort Riley, Director of Catholic Religious Ed. & Pastoral Associate
2007-2012 – Sacred Heart Cathedral, Salina, Music Director & Organist, Sexton of Mt. Calvary Cemetery
2012 – Present – Diocese of Salina Chancery, Salina, Tribunal Office Coordinator

Reflecting back on my reluctant decision to enter the Convent over sixty (60) years ago, the major thing that stands out to me is the gradual awareness of the importance of the religious values that were emphasized in our family. One that especially caught my attention was that we should always strive to do “God’s Will.” When it came time to make a decision about a choice of vocation, I relied on that value and by then I had become aware of that famous line by Dante The Divine Comedy, “In God’s Will is our peace.”
Even though there were some very serious challenges in the formation years, including the impact of Vatican II, it continues to be more and more obvious to me that God is always faithful to His promises if we continue to trust in that plan and strive to fulfill it. In the many and varied ministries of these past 60 years, it is clear that each time I said “yes” to a new challenge, the former experiences were preparing me for the next one.

Hospital financial management followed by Alumni Director at Marymount and Campus Ministry at Ft. Hays College, summer training programs for liturgical ministry as well as Valley Hope Clergy courses were preparing me for many years of Pastoral Ministry on both the local and diocesan level. The eleven years at St. Michael’s in Chapman were a great exposure to military personnel which I then served at Ft. Riley during “Desert Storm” for five years.
It was a joy to return to our diocese and to use my liturgical and musical skills as music director at our Cathedral until the Chancery needed someone with experience in marriage annulments to coordinate the Tribunal where I currently serve.
I cherish each of these opportunities, but probably the most unique and memorable one was to become the first non-ordained Parish Administrator in the Diocese and of being a part of the development of that type of ministry.

These 60 years have shown me that It is definitely true that

“IN GOD’S WILL IS OUR PEACE.” I am very grateful!