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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church

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Sister Doris Marie Flax

75 Years

When I think back to my call to religious life, I can hardly believe it happened seventy-five years ago. I entered on Sept. 9, 1948. A few months later, it was time to rethink my decision as the next phase of my future as a Sister of St. Joseph. I decided to make a Novena. On the 7th or 8th day, as I was praying in the chapel, a calm came over me, and the thought that my decision to remain a CSJ Sister was the right one. This calm has never left me. After my First Vows, I completed High School here at the Motherhouse along with 3 Sisters who were attending Nazareth High School with me. One day, the State School Inspector made a visit. After he departed, I met the principal, Sister Rudolph, walking down the hall laughing. She then told me what the Inspector had told her. It was the following – “It is so nice to come to this High School because I don’t hear any complaints about discipline or students not doing their homework.”
After finishing High School, I enrolled at Marymount College in Salina, Ks., learning to become a teacher. I was in this profession, which I enjoyed for many years. Then, my father asked me to take care of him if the community would agree. I received permission, and the time came when I was not able to handle him alone. He was in the nursing home for two days when the nurse aides who were working the shift asked me if I would join them in nursing. I told them that was the last thing I wanted to do with my life. Finally, the Administrator agreed that I could try Nursing for six weeks before I got my state approval. It was a profession I did enjoy.
I was asked to return to the Motherhouse to care for our elderly Sisters. After three years, I asked to take some time off since my work during the day and answering night calls at night was exhausting.
I accepted the Pastoral Ministry position at St. Mary’s in Ellis, Ks. I spent 26 years in the position. The interesting thing I learned was that all the ministries I had done in my life came in very handy in this line of ministry.
After 26 years, I retired at the Motherhouse, still enjoying the “peace” I received years ago.