Sister Francis Alma Royer

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BIRTH NAME: Gertrude Mary Royer
RELIGIOUS NAME: Sister  Francis Alma
PARENTS: Frank and Alma R. Savoie Royer
HOMETOWN: Dryburg, Mich.
Diploma in nursing, St. John Hospital School of Nursing, Salina; certificate in clinical pastoral care, St. Louis University
1948-67    Nurse and floor supervisor, serving at St. John’s Hospital, Salina, Seneca (Kan.) Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital, Belvidere, Ill.
1967-84    Pastoral care at various hospitals operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph
1984-91    Pastoral care at St. Mary Medical Center in Hobert  and Gary, Ind.
1991-2000    Pastoral care in Las Cruces, N.M.
2000-03    Medaille Center, Salina

As you look back on your years as a Sister of St. Joseph of Concordia, what experience or event best captures what your religious life has meant to you (and why)?

Written by Sister Anne Martin Reinert

At age 16, Gertrude Mary was  captivated by the “mission stories” told by her aunt, Sister Albertine  Savoie. Her aunt was on a home visit, and Gertrude  wanted  to come to Concordia immediately to enter the community. But she was persuaded to delay until that fall, arriving as a postulant in September 1942.

She had the longing of her heart fulfilled when she not only became a Sister of St Joseph, but also became a registered nurse. Her jovial and fun-filled spirit captivated many in her 30-plus years of nursing.

Then she embarked on a new mission as a certified pastoral chaplain, which  she described as “a new way of caring  for the sick, and reaching beyond  to be with the suffering family in crisis.”   In the new role as pastoral visitor, Sister Francis Alma said, “Its hard to just ‘be’ instead of  ‘to do’, but patients appreciate  having  someone who can just be with them and give time.”

While working in pastoral care at  St. Mary Medical Center in Gary, Ind., she took the opportunity to spend a week living with and working with a team serving the poor in Guatemala. Sister Frances Alma described the trip as life-changing.  In their poverty, the people she served still expressed joy and contentment and were  grateful for what the volunteers did to make life easier.

Sister Francis Alma moved to Mount Joseph Senior Village in 2009. Today, while much memory is lost, a  joyful smile and gracious demeanor remain.


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  1. Marilyn Malir Mattas on August 7th, 2013 4:40 pm

    I do remember working with you when you were 4th floor supervisor at St John’s in Salina during late 50’s and early 60’s. Taking time with the patient still lingers in my mind. That’s one reason I retired years ago when I spent more time with paperwork and computers than I did looking and listening to the patient. Thanks for teaching me to listen.
    Marilyn Malir Mattas

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