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Sister Helen Mick – on her 60th Jubilee

Sister Helen Mick
Sister Helen Mick
PARENTS: John and Esther Mick
HOMETOWN: Tipton, Kan.
RELIGIOUS NAME: Sister Roberdetta
EDUCATION: Marymount College, Salina (bachelor’s degree); Kansas State University, Manhattan (master’s degree)

  • 1958-1959     St. Joseph & St. Anne School, Chicago; teaching
  • 1959-1963     Sacred Heart School, Aurora, Ill.; teaching
  • 1963-1970     St. Joseph School, Monet, Mo.; teaching and principal (1966-1970)
  • 1970-1980     Saints Peter & Paul School, Boonville, Mo.; teacher and K-8 principal
  • 1980-1987     Nazareth Motherhouse, Concordia; administrator
  • 1987-1988     Mount St. Joseph College, Cincinnati, Ohio; sabbatical program
  • 1988-2001   St. Thomas Manor, East Point, Ga.; manager
  • 1993-1998     Catholic Personal Care Homes, Atlanta; director
  • 2002-2012     Home Instead Senior Care, Fayetteville, Ga.; caregiver
  • 2012-present   Volunteer


I experience my life as answering YES to a call I first received when I was in second grade at St. Boniface School in Tipton, Kan. At every stage of my life that call continued to draw me on.

During my growing up years I would get very homesick or anxious whenever I was away from home for any length of time. The first morning I woke up at our Motherhouse — Feb. 3, 1956 — I knew I was home. That conviction has never left me. I felt in my whole being that I was where I had been called to be. For years I had prayed daily for the grace of a religious vocation and the grace of that moment was, and is, the answer to my prayer.

Of course, I had no idea at the time what my commitment would require of me over the years. Looking back, I see many periods of very satisfying experiences as well as difficult situations. Being sent to Chicago on my first mission was an exciting experience for a girl who had never been out of Kansas or been on a train. Teaching 53 students in a crowded classroom was my initiation into 22 years in grade school education.

It was quite a leap from grade school administration to Motherhouse administration, but moving into that ministry taught me so much. I learned to love it and found that the greatest gift for me was working with our retired Sisters. What I left the Motherhouse with was a passion for ministry with elderly people. This ministry has led me to this point that I now am one of them!

Even with all the changes since Vatican II, the grace of my intuition that first morning remains as strong today as it was 60 years ago.

2 thoughts on “Sister Helen Mick – on her 60th Jubilee

  • Dawn McTigue

    Dear Sister Helen,

    It was an honor to be invited to attend your 60th Jubilee which took place at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. As a lay person, I struggle with letting go and letting God. My faith wavers. However, never to the point of dis-belief. I know that God is always at my side but sometimes I am not at His side.

    Your devotion to God and a religious life is a true inspiration for folks in my situation. I am so grateful to God my Heavenly Father for the life I was given, to Jesus my Savior for the hope of eternal life that lies ahead of me and to The Holy Spirit for the life that lives inside of me. God has done such great things for me. I know I must have total faith that my life is God’s will and that His grace is sufficient. You are a beautiful example of the latter. I do not anticipate that I myself will receive the same calling as you but I do anticipate living my life in a manner pleasing to God. I am also grateful that God let’s me be in the company of extraordinary people such as yourself. I like rubbing elbows with “people in high places”.

    As Father Michael said, you shine like a diamond and I am sure your crown will have many exquisite jewels.

    Thank you for your service and your example. May God continue to bless you in return for both!

    My love
    Dawn McTigue
    St. John the Evangelist parishioner

  • Patty & Joe Valiquette

    Congratulations on your 60th Jubilee, enjoy your “Special” year!! Love you, Patty & Joe

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