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Sister Julie Galan – on her 70th Jubilee

Sister Julie Galan
Sister Julie Galan
PARENTS: Theodore and Anna Galan
RELIGIOUS NAME: Sister Mariella
EDUCATION: Marymount College, Salina (English); Webster University, St. Louis (bachelor’s and master’s in education)

  • 1951-1969 Teaching in Kansas cities of Junction City, Plainville, Manhattan and Beloit
  • 1969-1985 Curé of Ars Parish, Leawood, Kan.; teaching
  • 1985-2010 Curé of Ars Parish; director of elementary religious education
  • 2010-2015 Curé of Ars Parish; “I Care” ministry
  • 2015-present Curé of Ars Parish, “I Care” ministry, organize volunteers to visit nursing homes, etc., organize senior luncheons; at the school, teach children to serve as lectors, assist altar servers


As a Sister of St. Joseph, God has given me more than I have ever hoped for. I’m grateful for his blessings of good health and happiness, which enable me to be a supportive and active member of my religious community.

God calls us in many ways. My call was one of attraction. From my grade and high school years, I wanted to be a “Sister.” I admired the Catholic grade school staff in Chicago — the Sisters of St. Joseph. I think the most important one factor in my decision was the contact I had with happy, enthusiastic sisters and priests.

My life as a sister has consisted of some unexpected turns, The essence of religious life hasn’t changed, but the manner in which religious life is lived out has changed and that makes it look different to a number of people.

God has been good to me in my ministry. In 1969, I was assigned to Curé of Ars Parish in Leawood, Kan. Since then, I have been able to work in the ministry to which I felt called. This is my 47th year at Curé of Ars, and I have been a teacher, elementary school religious education director and in parish ministry. Monotony and routine are not part of my experience at this parish. I consider it exciting to be part of such a vibrant parish and thankful for being able to serve God’s people in multiple ways.

Religious life has been full and diverse for me, and through it all prayer and community remain at the center.

Each of us in our lifestyle — single or married, priesthood or religious life — reflects a particular Gospel call. Together we offer a complete picture of God’s plan for his people.

2 thoughts on “Sister Julie Galan – on her 70th Jubilee

  • Sarah Jenkins

    We’ll check our records and let you know what we find!

  • Randi Reaney

    Hello Sister,
    My great Aunt was a Jubilian for the church there in Concordia.

    Her name was Sister Mary Alexis Gignac. Do you know of her?
    I would like to get more information about her, as I was very young to remember her. I am 55 and live in Northern California. I was born in Chicago, Il and lived there on and off over the years.

    I sent an email to the main office, but haven’t heard anything yet.

    Thank you for your service.

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