Sister Patricia Lewter — 60 years

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web-PatLewter-DSC_3255-copy-2PARENTS: Perry Glenville and Rosemary Heep Lewter
HOMETOWN:  Las Cruces, N.M.
RELIGIOUS NAME: Sister Rose Helen
Marymount College,Salina (bachelor’s degree in biology); University of Missouri at Kansas City (master’s in marriage & family living)
1955-1973   Teaching at St. Joseph and St. Ann’s Grade School, Chicago; Plainville, Kan.; Sacred Heart Grade School, Salina; Cure of Ars Grade School, Kansas City, Kan.; Central Catholic High School, Grand Island, Neb.
1973-1975   Opened Manna House of Prayer, Clyde, Kan.
1977-1980   Pastoral minister in four parishes, in Joplin, Web City and Neosho, Mo.
1980-1981   Pastoral ministry in St. Mary’s Parish, Montrose, Colo.
1981-present   Co-founder of the Counseling and Education Center, Grand Junction, Colo.; continuing to serve as a counselor


The first thing that came to my mind was “You Cannot Imprison the Word of the Lord.”

When Leonard Bernstein’s Mass premiered at the opening of the Kennedy Center on Sept. 8, 1971, I was in Grand Island, Neb., teaching biology at Central Catholic High School. I cannot explain adequately the impact this song, “You Cannot Imprison the Word of the Lord,” had on me then and continues to have. It led me in a whole new direction.

My life has appeared to be very sheltered and some have said we are “imprisoned” by religious life. Not me! What I have felt is freedom to live my life through my vows! Free to be, not better than, not less than others, but free to walk, talk, laugh, cry and work with others.

When I have made decisions, I had no idea what their long-term impacts were going to have on the rest of my life. If I had known, the first decision to leave teaching would never have been made!

I have been involved in ministries that only God knows how I did them or could have done them without my community of Sisters of St. Joseph. (And let me say here, especially
Sister Faye Huelsmann.)

Faye and I teamed up in 1975. Our ministries have brought the most beautiful people into my life — coworkers, friends, clients — all forming a community of support and
encouragement, all crying “Wow!” with me on every path I followed or trail we broke.

That is all I can say now, Wow!


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