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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church

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Something for spouses and friends

BRINGING A SPOUSE OR FRIEND ALONG? Robert Robles will be the “tour director” (working with the Cloud County Tourism Office) for visits on Saturday, Sept. 20, to the Concordia POW Camp, the Cloud County Museum, Whole Wall Mural  and the Brown Grand Theatre. The day will include lunch at the historic St. Joe’s Store in St. Joseph, Kan., for $10, and will end at a downtown bar with a big-screen TV.

The registration form will have a spot to check if you have someone who wants to join the tour. (In addition to the price of lunch, there will be a small additional tour fee you will be asked to pay when you register.)


For more info about Concordia and Cloud County, CLICK HERE to go to the official tourism website.

5 thoughts on “Something for spouses and friends

  • Regina Chaput Vignery

    Looking forward to seeing old friends again! Does anyone know if Barbara Cunningham is coming? Or Corinne Schreiner?

  • Loretta A. Jasper,csj

    Thanks, Robert…my “brother-in-law” (of sorts). ‘preciate!

  • Annette Burkhalter

    Looks like a good day full of sights for the guys! Thanks Robert!

  • Annette Burkhalter

    Yeah Robert! Thanks for doing this for the guys! Looks like it will be a great day!

  • everyone will be in “good hands” with Robert. He is married to my band member Rose Schamberger…Janice Marie…Fun time will be had by all..

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