The Messenger: Hot off the (digital) press!

January-2015-Messenger-COVER-THUMB [book id=’5′] goes in the mail today, but just in case you can’t wait… Here’s the “flipbook” version of the new issue, which is jam-packed with news from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia.

In this issue, we introduce you to the 2015 Jubilarians (11 amazing women!), plus give you news from Rome on the Apostolic Visitation report, tell you about new projects the sisters are launching, alert you to coming events — and more.

To read all about it, click on this link — [book id=’5′]  — for the flipbook, which will open in a new window.

One thought on “The Messenger: Hot off the (digital) press!

  • January 29, 2015 at 8:47 am

    I would like to propose a simple idea that can be used as a tool for every person of faith, and those who are not of religious faith. That is a deck of cards that share the wisdom of saints. A saint deck, if you will. Not to replace the bible, but to honor it.

    We have many faiths in our family tree. This includes some of us without a religious attachment, yet still a spiritual being of light, strength, determination out of grief and traditions lost. I speak of my children when I write this. Two very bright intelligent stars in my universe of love.

    We have been misunderstood, misguided, dishonored and disrespected by society because of our how our brains were formed during birth and perhaps shortly thereafter. Religion from our influencers have cast a shadow of doubt onto our souls, thereby leaving us feeling like fish out of water.

    The malady is often referred to as autism, or aspergers, or high functioning autism, for which runs rampant in our family tree. It has often been confused with mental illness, yet i stand firm on this error in judgement, and allow my own faith in those wise ones of various backgrounds, and cling to the spirit of my blood mother who in her quiet wisdom made sure her children were protected. She had us all baptised catholic in Denver Colorado.

    Had it not been for her love of us, I would not be writing this to you now. It is the strength of my heritage, my mother, father, sister and brother who passed the torch to me, for safe keeping. It has been both a huge blessing and cross to bear….alone. So, I would like to pass on that branch, the olive one to you for safe keeping.

    Please remember my children in your daily prayers, as they have both left home for parts unknown. They have a sort of intelligence can is creative genius; but because of errors in diagnosis and news of school shootings that both of my children refuse to accept or defend that diagnosis of mental illness. It is in fact not mental illness we suffer. It is mental awareness. A huge difference.

    To medicate us is to kill us. It happened to my mother, father, brother and sister. I follow research closely, track and analyze human behavior as I thought all people did. It was a frightening experience to discover it was I they track like prey. This caused a breakdown of my spirit, my wellness of being, the essence of me.

    I ask only that you delve into the arena, reach out to our Pope as I believe the catholic church should open up it’s confessional booths so that those, like me, who wanted to reach out here in Las Vegas in 1990 only to hear the recepient on the telephone saying that part of the church no longer functions. I hope that is not widespread. We could really use an outlet for our emotional wellbeing.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my plea for help.

    Let us all have hope and blessings for a brighter tomorrow.

    Carol Ellen

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