‘Giving thanks to God’ in Brazil

Picos, Piauí, Brazil

Here in our parish in Brazil God calls us along with our pastor to the ministry of Spirituality. I have been asked to coordinate this ministry in our parish of St. Joan of Arc. We try to help people realize that all of them are important, there is no competition in God’s reign. We work together so that His reign is lived out by all groups and persons.

I am helping with the Pastoral Coordination Team of the Parish, Eucharistic Ministers, the Center for Catechetical Formation, Children’s Pastoral and Base Communities. I give retreats and religious education studies in groups, but also I have helped individuals in their personal, human and spiritual formation.

I live in this parish, so Father asked me to help form the base community of “Vila Mocambinho II.” When I first visited these people, I was shocked to see their situation. They are very poor and have very little to live on! I continue to help them form a basic Catholic Community.

Working with these people, I became very interested in studying and furthering my own education so that I could be of more assistance to them.

I have a lot of mental energy, strength and will to serve others. I profoundly thank God for His calling me to be part of this dear Congregation. We say together “For everything we give thanks to God.”