‘What you have received as a gift, give as a gift!’

December 3, 2010 by


This command from Jesus — in Matthew 10:8 — has been our guide for decades! It is a reminder that abundance of attitude and giving is the core of who we are. And we have been gifted with so much that we cannot but give in return.

Until the last two decades we have been able to provide for ourselves and our ministries with our earned income. But today, fewer of us earn an income, more of us volunteer and many of us are of an age where neither working for a wage nor volunteering in exchange for a living is possible. Consequently, what earned income we have goes more and more for the care of our elderly sisters and less for our ministries and charities.

That is where our friends and benefactors have come in. You understand that we receive no financial support from the official Church, and that we are self-supporting in everything we do. So if we are to continue to love our neighbor as Jesus intended, through our ministries and charities, we must look to you for help.

Through your gifts — whether they be prayer or contributions of labor, money or matching grants — you demonstrate that you are our partners and companions in this Way of Jesus, for whom giving was a way of life.

And if “gratitude is the heart’s memory,” then be assured that you are indeed well-remembered by each and every one of us daily.

With gratitude and affection,
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia

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