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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church


It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. You can find Sisters of St. Joseph  in the Sacred Heart Chapel or in the small chapel on second floor. They are the Sisters retired from active ministry who now live at the Nazareth Motherhouse in Concordia, and their ministry now is prayer.

The community initiated a prayer apostolate in 1977. We extend an invitation to all those needing prayer to send your request to us for remembrance in prayer. The prayer board is set up not far from the main chapel, and Sisters regularly check intentions posted there.

If you have a request, you may email it to Sister Donna Otter at

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    Please pray for Sarah Parr and infant daughter Lainey (daughter and granddaughter) of John & Jo Koppes.
    Lainey was born on December 29th 6 1/2 weeks early and is still in the NICU in Hastings, NE.
    Sarah has now developed Bell’s Palsy and needs a lot of prayers.

  • Bill and Carol

    Prayer Request

    Fall, Christmas, Winter 2023, 2024…??

    Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Fall is also the realization that all is fading away. Winter is not far behind and the shadow of death sweeps our lives and the land. On a bigger canvas of human history it seems we are entering the winter of the new dark ages from 2023,2024 onward. All we can do is enter our heart and labor to enter that rest. And finally that eternal rest. Hebrews 4:11 ” We labor to enter that rest…”

    With a very heavy heart 2023 is turning out to be a very turbulent year of terrible events(Terrible heat waves, weather extremes,unrest,wars and other events happening now) that is shaking our civilization to the core. Manmade and Natural Disasters??

    Pray for peace!

    The last 3 years is any indication we are in deep trouble as a civilization from 2023 onward?

    Pray for peace!!

    Fall, Winter 2023, 2024….??

    Updated Prayer Request.

    Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Please continue to pray with us for God’s Healing and Protecting Peace Now and in the Days ahead…Long Term! Still recovering from events in our personal lives of Family, Friends Deaths(loss of our only son) and other sorrows and hardships from the past and Now! Pray for God’s healing and protecting peace Now and in the days ahead… Fall, Christmas Winter 2023,2024….Eternal Rest. Especially in the terrible(New Dark Ages) times(2020’s) in which we are living in with the ongoing events. Both manmade and natural disasters are increasing at a rate we have not seen in modern civilization.

    Long Term Prayer Request for God’s Healing and Protecting Peace in the months ahead?? Fall Christmas Winter 2023,2024..??

    Please pass on to others to pray in the Worldwide Community of Prayer. Urgent! Long term.

    In His Eternal Rest.

    Bill and Carol. oh. usa



  • Reg Daw

    Please pray for the clearance of all my sins and to be saved from the effects of my sins.

  • James Phillip

    For forgiveness and peace in the world especially in Ukraine. Lord hear us.

  • Pls pray protection Christians India persecuted by hindu fanatics rss, Bajrang dhal, vishwa hindu parishad entering churches destroying, desecrating statues, police and law silent esp ruling party Bharatiya Janata party who deceived cheated two elections manifesto led Prime Minister, now passing laws unleashing reign of terror and harassment Christians and minorities, meeting hugging Pope Francis who not expressed one word safety of Christians.

    Also for catholic church India sex scandal priests, not taken to task by bishops shockingly.

    Protection, healing, blessing of permanent job to daughter Asmitha, God fearing employed Catholic partner against fear phobia and threats from son, Alroyd, wife, shaista interference, also blessing to her of driving license and is filled with the holy Spirit.

    Repentance, healing of long time stagnant, lazy sis. Josephine, bro Peter, nephew Linus prays as family, turn responsible, share household chores, as entire burden on niece lourdes, gets healed of fibroids, and blest with good jobs, being jobless long time.

    Desperate long time jobless son Alroyd moslem convert name Mohammad, date birth changed by mother and brother Alex, harassing non-stop, house breaking, stealing, making difficult to enter our own homes, ruining life, his 4 children, filing false court cases, using Christian name, claiming entire family property, threatening builder, expired friend Tony, sending police, filing legal notices thro Christian adv.Sheila Caeiro,(fathr judge)with Agnella and his wife’s cousin, threatening removal my daughter from job, extradition, arrest, unwilling to take legal share peacefully, tearing me, daughter in tears. That Atlee, alroyd, wife, cousin, Alex desists from cheating, dealing in fraud, repents, undo wrongs, live peacefully in Jesus name, I pray.

    That alroyds mother, late wife Aveena squandered blessings, abortions, lent monies to several persons, never informed me, got cheated, none returning or and abandoned family, died in shock for him married to muslim against our consent, wife’s mother Zubeda deceived marry her daughter Shaista with support of Christian Gladys Pinto, shockingly while I on overseas job assignment, affecting my health.

    That alroyd, wife, shaista mother zubeda, entire family delivered from Islam, accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, protected from harm, May Holy Spirit dawn upon them in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    That Goa builders Altab, Allauddin, lawyers don’t take undue advantage of family situation, cheat but proceeds truthfully, provides our needs peacefully.

    For complete healing of sis. Margaret of covid, recovering, overcome weakness, strengthened physically mentally, spiritually.

    Deliverance of all evils, curses haunting my family members in jobs, marriage, divorce, property etc.

    Deliverance, healing of Alfred fits, drinking habit, havoc, wife with vertigo and neighbor francis with fistula is healed in jesus wounds, protected and blest. Also healing of Anthony pereira, widower gets healed nerves sickness as he has two teenagers to care of are blest.

    Healing, consolation to friend Domnic lost wife, son-in-law suddenly, left high and dry with 2 years child, rejected by parents-in-laws is blest with peace, faith, financially.

    That our residence, Ave Maria be delivered moslem fanatics, Hanif family harassing Christians residents, inducting moslems n form majority control; another residence Hemraj, Ramdevji taken over hindu fanatics get delivered harassment, criminal negligence repairs, fears of evictions, endangering life and limbs.

    Thank you and bless you one and all. Amen, amen Amen.

  • Please repair our furnace I have five others here in family it’s getting cold. Please BVM be with us this sinner his wife and four children. I am sorry I offended you who is deserving of all my love

  • Good morning dear sisters in Christ Jesus, I hope that you are well, the reason why I communicate with you by this means is to ask you to pray for me, my name is Jazmín Antonia, so that the Lord can heal me from my emotional wounds, also so that the Lord may give me peace and tranquility, strength and stronghold, well I hope to count with your prayers, very grateful to all of you for interceding, may God bless you abundantly, Sincerely in the Sacred Name of Christ.

  • Anthony M Jacobson

    For the Holy Fathers intentions. For the poor. For an end to abortion. For the holy souls in purgatory. For the: Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Home of the Mother, the Capuchins, Rosary confraternity, Blue Army, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Assoc. of the Miraculous Medal, EWTN, Marian Helpers, Light in the Darkness. For: John S., Ken R., Tom M., Andrew B. For the Jacobson and Mekoski family. For devotion to Mary and St. Joseph. That Solanus Casey & Fulton Sheen become saints.

  • Shell Mesecher

    Please include Dorothy Blackwood and her daughter Marcia Talley-Klingzell and family in your prayers as Dorothy begins her transistion to meet Jesus.

  • I am someone who needs of prayer. I need prayers for ths relationship with my Mother, Gladys, Stepfather, Cal, Stepmother, Liliana, Father, Henry and Former Husband of my Mother’s, Ralph, older brother, Ryan, younger Sister, Bianca. I care to also include the needing of Prayer to several others in my life, including my former Husband, Alin, and his Companioness, Silvia, as well as welcoming their new child. I also need of prayers for Momo, Iolene to get better and healthy. I need of all these people in my Life.

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