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50 random acts of greenness

The smallest changes can add up to big impacts. Read through this list and decide which changes you can make, beginning today!

  1. Snip 6-pack rings.
  2. Use less detergent for your laundry, and only wash when you have a full load.
  3. Dry clothes on the line, or if you have to use a dryer, make it a full load.
  4. Re-create with leftovers.
  5. Use unbleached coffee filters.
  6. Use rags instead of paper towels.
  7. Check to see if your tires are properly inflated (for better fuel efficiency, and longer-lasting tires).
  8. Check and adjust your refrigerator to be between 38-42 degrees, and freezer between 0-5.
  9. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  10. Rinse dishes for before putting them in the dishwasher in a tub, not in running water.
  11. Don’t use any kind of aerosol spray.
  12. When possible use rechargeable batteries. Recycle any other batteries when they are used up.
  13. Use cloth bags for shopping.
  14. Use non-toxic cleaning products.
  15. Use natural fiber rather than synthetic fiber clothing, bedding, etc.
  16. Store leftovers in glass containers, not plastic.
  17. Use non-toxic hand soaps and skin care products.
  18. Buy and eat organic.
  19. Use energy efficient light bulbs.
  20. Turn off lights when you are not going to be in a room.
  21. Don’t use helium balloons.
  22. Recycle newspaper and other paper, and buy products made from recycled paper. Reuse a file folder or envelope by adhering a new label.
  23. Recycle or up-cycle glass.
  24. Recycle aluminum cans, pie plates, window frames, etc.
  25. Pre-cycle by watching packaging while shopping. Buy what is least offensive to the environment. Buy in bulk.
  26. Plant a tree.
  27. Use cloth diapers.
  28. Buy fruits and vegetables without using plastic bags.
  29. Bring your own mug or water bottle wherever you go. Don’t buy bottled water.
  30. Use lids on pans when cooking.
  31. Don’t use a personal car when you can carpool, bike, walk or use public transportation.
  32. When you drive, don’t drive over the speed limit.
  33. Compost.
  34. Increase vegetarian menus.
  35. Eat locally grown/in-season produce.
  36. Choose to enjoy nature rather than go shopping.
  37. Lower the thermostat in winter and put on a sweater.
  38. Raise the thermostat in summer.
  39. Unplug appliances not in use.
  40. Join a group dedicated to protecting nature.
  41. Buy fair-trade coffee, tea, bananas, cocoa, etc.
  42. Buy at the farmers’ market.
  43. Recycle electronic equipment.
  44. Read news, periodicals, books online instead of on paper.
  45. Use real rather than disposable plates, napkins, cutlery…
  46. Reduce auto weight by cleaning out the car/trunk.
  47. Take shorter showers, no more than one per day.
  48. Wash and rinse clothes in cold water.
  49. Pick up litter.
  50. Print on both sides of the page, when you have to print multiple pages.

CLICK HERE for more from the Ecological Integrity Committee.

To learn more about ecological integrity, or to offer ideas, contact Sister Judy Stephens at 785-243-2149 or

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